5 mental Must-Haves For Training, 2020.

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5 mental Must-Haves For Training, 2020.

5 Mental Must-Haves For Training, 2020

- Rhian Roussos, Head Coach, Contessa South
When purchasing new clothes, shoes, lifters or grips to “benefit” our training, we need no persuasion.  But there are some other things I feel are more important to bring with you to every training session. These "things" will ensure you are getting the most out of every session you attend, you will walk away feeling accomplished and fulfilled with your efforts in the gym.

5 mental must-haves for training.


We all know comparison is the thief of joy. Walking into training and being able to accept where you currently are will give you a more clear and focused vision for where you want to go. Please, don’t worry about where anyone else is. This has no reflection of your abilities. Everyone has different skill levels, have done different sports, or not, throughout their lives.  You literally can not compare yourself to anyone else because as we know; we are all different beings.

Where you are right now is where you need to be; in the gym getting stronger and fitter.


If you are looking to improve at all, you will need this. You need to be willing and ready to have a go. Get ready to face some scary things and be involved in the entire training session, from warm up to cool down. The benefits you will reap from simply being enthusiastic in your training will have you leaving everyday feeling like you learned something new because the chances are, you probably did.


Being aware of yourself, your space and your body will help for a smoother and more enjoyable session for you and everyone around you. Classes get full and people get confused but if you are aware of everything you need to be doing and the people/equipment around you, this will help with that mid-workout confusion and potentially tripping or falling over boxes or people.  Not only that, this will help you become more aware and "sharp" in everyday life. 


We are all here trying to do the same thing; Be better, healthier and happier. Your workout will not suffer if you have to share equipment. It doesn’t take a lot to cheer on others if you have finished your workout or give them a high five when everyone's done. Sometimes Coaches have to juggle things around or spend a little extra time with new members, help them out too, if they need it. These considerations go a long way, not just for yourself but for the other women in the class.


Listening to instructions is so important.  When the Coach is talking to the entire class and giving instruction, please listen to what they are saying.  If you don’t know, ask a question as soon as you don’t know.  Please don’t wait until you start the workout confused and not sure what's going on, only to have to spend the first 5 mins figuring it out.
I know some people train early or after a big day at work, but the more you can focus and be present when the class is being briefed, or even when you are learning a new movement the less frustrating it will be for you later.
I’m guilty at letting all of these slide on occasion, but if we can prepare ourselves mentally before we get to the gym, hopefully we can build better habits to make our journey that much more fulfilling.
See you at the gym!
Coach Riz xx

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