But.. What about you?

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But.. What about you?

I know. I get it. You have responsibilities. ADULTING IS HARD.


You have a responsibility to YOURSELF too.

You have a responsibility to be the best you can be, so you can give your best to those you love.

However, this current trend I'm noticing needs to be addressed. Right here, right now.

We give our 110% to others. Then we leave us last. So we have nothing left to give our self.

I mean, this is not new. I've worked with women a long time and it is one of the most common objections as to why women want to take a break from training. It's usually because they are overwhelmed, with everything or everyone else.

Why is it, that as women, we put everyone's needs above our own?

We feel it's the right thing to do to spend our last dollar on our kids extra-curricular activities rather than on our own health.

We see more value in spending time on making sure our home is spotless for our Husband to notice after work (ps.. He doesn't care) over prioritising the time to eat a proper meal or go to the gym.

When we do go to the gym, we give 110% to the workout IF it's a partner workout, because we don't want to let our partner down but if it's just on you?.. It's okay to half-ass or hold back a little.

This list is endless.

We put in more effort because we value others more than we value ourselves.


And I'm here to tell you, you have to stop.

Just chill for a second. Take a moment. A deep breath... And read this a few times.


This is your one chance. Your one crack at living your best life. The best part about that is, when living your best life, those around you are benefiting too.

I always say, straight up, hitting the gym 4-6 days/week makes me a better Mum. I would 100% rather let my little kid spend an extra hour at Kindy in the afternoon where she is safe and having fun, hit up a workout, THEN pick her up and be in the best mood to handle the 4 year old's sass.  ;)

You get the point.

You gotta take this time, for you. It helps you be better. For you and everyone else, for longer.

I do understand this isn't an easy habit to change. So here is my 4 step system to begin changing the process.

1. Book it in. Whatever it is. The gym, a massage, a facial.. Physically BOOK it into your calendar.
2. Show up. Imagine that calendar is your boss. You wouldn't say no to them. Do it. No matter what. Make it work.
3. Enjoy that "you" time. Switch off. The more you let yourself be present in the moment, the better. No point thinking about all of the washing you have to do, or how much work you have to do tomorrow until you actually get to it and can do those things.
4. Be consistent. This is should be a daily habit. Don't spin me bullshit that you "can't" either. Like I said. I get it. I'm busy too. ;) But I will ALWAYS give me that hour. To train, to walk, climb a mountain, get a massage, my lashes, whatever it may be. You can too. You just need to implement these systems and stick to it!

There you have it. My #blogrant for the week! I hope it helps at least one of you.  If you have anything to add that helps you take care of you, comment below! 

If you know someone else who could benefit from this read, please share!

Thank you for reading!

Mandi x

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