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Trust me. I'm the first one to fight of the want to throw my hands in the air and say; "Fuck it. Too hard!"

(When you've done CrossFit for 7 years and still struggle with the more technical gymnastics side as much as I do, you'd understand why).


Sometimes, we feel our progress is moving to slow, sometimes stagnant and all to often, we feel like we are going backwards.

We're all unique, delicate, little flowers and will respond differently when this happens but i'ma take a rough guess and say if this has happened to you - you've considered throwing in the towel altogether. 

I'm here to remind you..


I wish I knew the number, but I guarantee the moment people start going backwards is the moment they were about to break through. (Sounds like a motivational quote but goddamn, it's the truth).

Instead, sometimes, we start blaming our Nutritionist or Dietitian, the programming we follow, the people we are working out next too in class and the my favorite - Our Trainers. 🙄🤦‍♀️

Here's the thing.


Anything you do will actually work. It's just that YOU need to DO the work! Stop blaming external factors when, in all fairness, no one else is responsible for what goes in your mouth, getting you out of bed in the morning or your effort.

Further to my theory, let's take a look at the top athletes in the sport of CrossFit. They all follow different programs, have different coaches, dietitians, recovery protocols, and more. However, they all have one thing in common; They're all PROPER fit and at the top of the game.

So what gives? (Again, my theory).

They TRUST the process, their coaches. They trust that not everyday is good day, a good month and even a good year. They don't look sideways, they don't compare their fitness to Sally's, (damn Sally is HELL fit.) They aren't sheep, they aren't going to switch to the shiny new program, or fancy gym that opened down the street because they know SUCCESS (or not) is inside them.

Anyone with half a brain understands this isn't a short term thing. This fitness stuff? It's for life.

Let me explain. 

In the scheme of just 10 years, 1 entire year going "backwards" is only 10% of your journey.

And 1 month of regression each year is less than 1%. This is only over 10 years.. You should be doing this CrossFit stuff for 30-70 years to come!

Imagine if you CHOSE to regress yourself (or listened to your Coach about "taking a step back and focused on nailing the movement) for 1 whole year.  You would, in time, be a shit ton further ahead then you are now still attempting to do "pull ups" (Heads up, if you need to drop to singles in a 10 minute workout - you're missing the point.)

Why do we get so worked up and down on ourselves the moment we went for a PB and missed or ran a 5 km slower than 2 years ago? 


Every time you get a bit sweaty, a little out of breath, lift a weight, climb a mountain, ate an apple instead of a donut, hell, even just walk into the gym instead of skipping because of *insert excuse*, YOU WIN. You are better than yesterday. It doesn't matter if you got a PB or less than you could 1 year ago. 

There is no such thing as a straight line to success.

Stop being so hard on yourself, chill out and TRUST THE PROCESS! Enjoy the journey.


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