Five reasons you aren't seeing results.

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Five reasons you aren't seeing results.

We agreed this one could have been A LOT longer.. Stay with us to the end!  We promise it's worth it. ;) 


You’ve joined a gym. Tick! 

You’ve started eating a little better. Tick! 

But things aren’t changing as fast as you would like them to be. Unfortunately, just signing that membership form and paying the money isn’t going to get you where you want to be. This health and fitness thing takes a whole lot of effort & hard work..but we don’t want the quick & easy fixes - right!?

Below are our top 5 on why you aren't seeing, or feeling, what you want or expected.. yet!



How often are you actually showing up to the gym? Or if you can’t get to the gym often, how many times a week are you actually exercising? And we mean really getting your sweat on? Also, not how many times you PLANNED on going, but actually went?

The most recent Australian guidelines recommend accumulating 300 minutes of moderate intensity exercise OR 150 minutes of high intensity physical activity EACH WEEK. 

If you aren’t seeing results, are you hitting these targets? If not, start here. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and you don’t need a state of the art gym or equipment. Google ‘Home CrossFit workouts’ or ‘home workouts’ and you will never be short of ideas again!

Once you’ve nailed that, it's about repeating this process everyday..forever!



So you’re moving every day (GREAT!), but how hard are you actually working? If you’re showing up to the gym and reading your book on the treadmill and stationary bike, we're sorry to say.. but you’re doing it wrong. Good on you for moving, but to reap the benefits of exercise, you have to work harder! 

Intensity is something we talk about a lot in CrossFit. It’s great because it’s so individual. Your ‘high intensity’ is going to look very different from a high level athlete, and that’s OK, the key is however to consistently push yourself to that point. Intensity basically means doing more work, in less time

Most people don’t like doing it, because it’s uncomfortable, but to move your health markers in the right direction (body fat, blood pressure, bone density, cholesterol, etc) we want to see you working hard, enough times every week to hit the above numbers. 


  • SLEEP 

While it may sound trivial and like it has nothing to do with weight much sleep are you getting? Sleep is pivotal to health, and unless you are getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night, it’s going to be affecting your ability to perform with intensity in the gym, your health markers, ability to lose weight and your food choices. A lot. 

When you are tired, how much easier is it to justify grabbing fast food because you can’t be bothered doing anything else? How much more do you crave foods high in fats and sugars when you are tired, compared to when you got a good night's sleep? Our sleep impacts so much more than we give it credit for, so give it the attention that it deserves. 



So now you are eating better.  You opt for less carbs, less sugar and more “raw”, natural or “unprocessed” stuff.. Here’s the thing; Calories are still calories.  Sometimes those raw treats have more sugar and calories than the mars bar. Food marketing is smart and borderline manipulative, so if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Also, while we are on the topic of mars bars - how are your weekends looking? Often we find people making all of these positive changes during the week, but as soon as the sun sets on Friday night, it becomes a weekend binge of alcohol, take away and bottomless brunches. Sure, this stuff is great in moderation BUT you can very easily undo your week by doing this all weekend, every weekend. Let’s have a think about this: 

Imagine your food intake to be like a bank account. You have "x" amount of dollars to spend each week. You are spending small amounts Monday through to Friday, but come the weekend you are pay passing everything like there’s no tomorrow. On Sunday night, you are in the negative. You’re overdrawn. If this happens more weekends than not, we bet our last dollars this is part of the problem. 

If you are struggling with food, reach out to someone for help, or at the very least start doing some research, reading and podcast listening from reputable, educated sources.

Some of our favourites on Instagram are:









You train hard.  You eat well. You sleep 8 hours every night but you’re still not getting the results you want.  

How’s that self talk going?

Us girls are sometimes a bit mean to ourselves.  We believe this has a massive impact on your results.  Remember, your thoughts become words and words become actions.  

‘If your inner voice was projected over a loudspeaker, would you be proud of what it was saying?’ 

Be kind. To you and others. 

Click this link and watch the impact of harsh words and the effects they can have on living things. :(

There you have it. Our top 5. Chances are, you probably have more than 1 or 2 takeaways to work on. Our advice - Start with one, EASY change, nail it for a few weeks then pick another. Don't try to change your whole life in one day. 

HERE'S TO RESULTS! ✌😘 Slow and steady. xoxo

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