Habits Are Everything Right Now.

Habits Are Everything Right Now.

And, if you're now working from home like me, you will have to create a few new ones.

This is something I spoke about in a live video I shared with our Contessa Online members last week. 💁‍♀️



Routine is going to make or break you. Not literally but enough to make life seem really shit and hard, when it doesn't need to be.

The first couple of days of last week for me was absolute chaos. My routine, or lack thereof, was the main contributor. Mid last week I decided to get on with it. The sun was still rising everyday, the world was still turning and if I didn't sort my shit out, it's going to go on without me.

So, I worked really hard on forming new habits for my NOW routine.

I don't know how long it will be this way, but for right now, it's working. ❤

Here's my tested and trialed tips to help you sort your shit too.

1. Have a bed time and a wake up time.

This is really important. Sufficient sleep should top your priorities more than anything. If your not sleeping at least 7 hours per night, you're missing out on so much health. Like, SO much.  And let's be honest. You're likely working from home, or at the very minimum, working out at home, guess what you have more of? TIME. You've been given more. Don't Netflix it away!!

2. MOVE. As soon as you wake up.

I've played with a couple of things here but for me this means taking my dog for a walk. I've toyed with training first up & going for a run, but for me, starting my day with a walk and podcast sets me up the best.
*Don't use kids as an excuse. Take them with you. It doesn't have to be far, movement for the whole fam is a great way to connect and start your day.


Make your breakfast the night before. AND your lunch. Even if you're working from home. Don't rely on visiting the fridge whenever you want. Coz let's be honest, convenience will win before the need to salad prep - every time. However, if you prepare and have it ready to go, you're good to go!


Have a written schedule and set times for your kids. Play time, quiet time, learning time, and moving time are all really important components that need structure. Guess what? Not only are you working from home, you are now a full time parent that maybe even has homeschooling on your resume.  Set you and the kids up for success here. 

It may feel like a pain in the ass to organise, but once you start, you are actually going to create easy-to-follow discipline for your kids and you too. Once you have that, you won't be getting on each others nerves so much.

*The structure will look different for every family. Do what works best for yours.



Have set times for you work, study, cleaning and reading. Plan your whole day ahead. Set hours. Especially if you are your own boss AND boss around a kid or few;You NEED structure!


We've all been given this amazing opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones in our homes. I don't know about you, but I am taking it all in. I know this is a once in a lifetime pandemic but shit, this is also a once in a lifetime opportunity. Watch the news a little less and do cool shit a little more. 

You'll thank me later. x

Mandi xx

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