Hope for the best ~ Prepare for the worst

Hope for the best ~ Prepare for the worst

The last time I wrote a blog was in lockdown 2020 and here we are again. This time a whole lot more prepared.

Usually I preach a ‘focus on the positives’ kinda mindset but today I want you to dig deep and find the worst case COVID lockdown scenario.  

What would be the worst case for you?  Another week?  Month?  What if the lockdown was pushed out for another year? *I know gym owners overseas who were in lockdown for almost 18 months and came out strong and swinging the other side.  

I know it’s gross to think about but I challenge you to prepare mentally for what you would do if this DID happen. 

I think owning a business forces you into this mindset..  Maybe.  All I know is the moment this lockdown happened a few thoughts ran through my head;

What IF this gets pushed out?

What can we do better?  

What can we do differently from last year?  

Can we keep doing what we are doing right now? 

What will we add? 

What will we take away?  

Hope for the best.  Prepare for the worst. 

Adversity will always come. Discomfort is a part of life.  Pain is inevitable but  suffering is optional. 

Preparing for a potential derailment means IF it happens, you will have seen it coming your way and keep moving forward. 

If anyone is struggling with lockdown blues and the above feels all a bit too much, please reach out.  I’m here for ya.  We’re all in this together. 


Mandi xx

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