5 At-Home Training Tools For Under $100

5 At-Home Training Tools For Under $100

By Coach Riz



It's official.. We need to get settled into training at home. 

Sadly, gyms were one of the first businesses to be closed and chances are, we'll likely be one of the last to re-open. 

It's time we need to accept this!

Is it ideal? No!

Is it frustrating? Yes.

However, do we have an opportunity to make the most with what we have?

100% YES.

To save you from the same, boring 20 body weight movements on repeat each week, I've put together a small list of easily accessible and affordable equipment that you can purchase online without burning a huge hole in your pocket. This list will increase your training potential tenfold AND keep you motivated at the same time. 


  1. A pair Dumbbells

Kmart has a bunch of weight options.  Keep in mind, the heavier the weight, the heavier the price, however as an example you can get yourself a set of 5 kg dumbbells for less than $30.


  1. Resistance bands - short AND long

Again Kmart for the win.  Both types cost under $15.  This is something I would not go past. There are so many ways to use the short and long bands in your training.  It will literally double your movement library!



  1. A Kettlebell

I'm sure by now you see I actually work for Kmart..  Joking. 

It is just the best option based on price alone! You can get your hands on a bunch of different weight options for less than $30.


  1. A skipping rope

Hate running? Me too! haha 

Skipping is a great Cardio alternative to running and there are SO many ways to skip! Not just your standard singles and doubles we know and love.  Other options include running on the spot, single leg hops, shuffling your feet and more.

 Kmart delivers the goods again with skipping ropes from $4.


  1. A Flat bench

This one may seem left field but you can sit, lay, step up onto or use it as support for other movements.

Kmart offering flat benches for $39




If you were to purchase one of each of these items, your ability to maintain strength, fitness and keep training interesting will sky rocket, I can assure you of that. 

The added bonus is purely selfish.. Your Coaches are doing everything we can to offer you programming that keeps you engaged and progressing. You making these purchases gives us the freedom to get a little more creative with what we can offer you. 


In Summary, you can purchase all of these items for less than $100 

*Slightly more if you go for heavier options but still…. Cheap as F*^#!

I know, it's not the same as your gym's fancy barbells, pull up bars & bikes but this is more than enough to keep you progressing, keep things interesting and it's going to help keep you on track. 

I promise you won't regret it! #GoToKmart  

Coach Riz xx

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