How do I make time for training when I don’t have time?

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How do I make time for training when I don’t have time?

By Rhian Roussos 

The short answer is you have to make the time, it's that simple.


My best friend right now is my calendar. I schedule everything. Even eating breakfast. This gives me a visual representation of my time and allows me to shift and manage tasks so I can make time to do all the things I need to, especially now that i'm working from home. There are far more distractions then normal, and while I do my best to stick to that schedule there are times where I get held up talking to clients, my dog, family around the house any number of things but having my schedule as a reference point and something to be accountable to has been my savior; especially for making time to train.

Now that you have made time in your schedule to train, the next step is never missing that appointment. At least 2 times every week, I will get asked how I find the motivation to train everyday and never miss a scheduled session. Firstly, I do miss sessions. However, I have spent 10 years of my life showing up to my training session regularly and because of that, I have created a lasting habit, one that even if I miss one day due to work, it wont throw me off and have me not training for a week. I simply show up again the next day.

Life can be busy, I know. I also personally know CEO’s with families and 15 hour work days that still make time to train and have food on the table at dinner time. It can be done but you need to make that appointment with yourself and show up. It's hard waking up early, missing your favourite TV show or maybe just being tired as f*^$ from kids, life and work. But I promise no one has ever complained about a finished workout in my 10+ years of Coaching.  They are always happy they got it done.

Showing up in the harder times is what helps cement good habit for the future.

Coach Riz xx 

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