How To Make Training A Habit

How To Make Training A Habit

By Jardan Craigie

Are you someone who: 

  1. Has been struggling with finding a consistent training schedule?

  2. Has been feeling a little flat lately? (#isolyf)

  3. Hasn't been able to make the scheduled online classes? (insert reasons: kids/work/lack of sleep…)

  4. Just straight-up lacking exercise mojo?

If you’re nodding along to one or more of those, then keep reading.  I’ve listed a few points below that have helped me in the past when it came to making training a habit.


“A person who actually has a high self-worth is able to look at the negative parts of his character frankly - and then acts to improve upon them.” - Mark Manson “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”

Come to terms that the next few months will be incredibly different and allow yourself a couple of weeks to see what works versus what doesn’t ... Then come up with a game plan.  If you’re a bit stuck, talk to your Coach! They will have some advice to help you develop better habits. For me, I’ve assessed my routine in the last fortnight and noticed that on the days I coach classes from my home gym, my motivation and energy both dip quite low when it comes to my training.  On these days, it’s just so much harder for me to stay in the same vicinity as my work and have the energy and mental capacity to get through training as well. This brings me to my next point...




I changed things and wrote a new plan; The days I coach all day, I take myself out of the house for some outdoor exercise, the fresh air helps to re-energize me too!  I’ve only done one run so far and finished with a Yoga flow. But my next outdoor session will be a beach WOD (I’m dragging my hubby along haha) and finish it with a dip in the ocean. And you know what? Mixing things up has actually brought a new fire to my belly.  I’m excited to program and be a bit more resourceful plus enjoy what nature has to offer! 

The thing I love the most about CrossFit is that it encourages us to put our fitness to use through as many different modalities as possible.  Hike, ride, swim, flip, run, yoga, team sports, weightlifting… there’s endless ways to move your body, so mix it up! Other ways to keep it interesting is to mix up your playlist, mix up your clubs & teams, mix up your active wear, mix up the intensity, just CHANGE things every now and then.  Remember, you’re more likely to stick to exercise if it’s FUN.


Decide on a time that will work best for you. It’s best if it’s the same time 3-6 times that week, as humans are creatures of habit - it’s easier for it to become a “normal” part of your routine if it’s at the same time everyday (or at least most days).


When I decided to go for a run, I didn’t set any expectations.  All I cared about was that I was outdoors and I just listened to my body and went with how I felt.  My 20 minute run felt small compared to past hour-long runs but that didn’t matter. The important thing was I got out there and I started. Now it feels easier to keep the ball rolling and work my way up. Start small, don’t set expectations but if it feels good at the time, go with it!!

Try these, one at a time.  Habits take time.  You just have to start. 



Happy training!


Xx Coach J

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