It's Not All About The Gains.

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It's Not All About The Gains.

This is your Sunday night reminder that you can handle anything this week throws at you.

We are quick to criticize ourselves with where we are right now, more to the point, where we are NOT right now.  We seem to get caught up in how long we've been a member of a gym, not the many other factors that contribute to our overall health.

"But I should be fitter, I've been training for ages. I set a goal to be able to do a pull up, like 12 months ago and I feel no closer than I was yesterday."

I'm here to throw you a different perspective, one I bet you haven't even considered.

So you thought this getting healthy and fit thing was going to be a perfect straight line to the top.

What about ...

- The 2 week Holiday?
- The week you were off with the flu?
- The weekends away?
- The late nights/lack of sleep?
- Working overtime?
- The on/off, laxed nutrition approach?
- The "accidental" sleep ins?
- The "I don't feel like it so nah" days?

I'm not here to tell you that you shouldn't have done all of the above. That's life man, these things happen.  You can't beat yourself up for things that have happened, just learn, adapt and move forward.

However, I AM here to tell you that because life happens, doesn't mean you've been wasting your time.

This is absolutely NOT the case.

You've ignored the fact that if you weren't training this whole time, you'd be FAR worse off then you are, right now.

Who knows where you would be. We never will. You could potentially be 10 kg heavier than you are, right now. You might have gotten injured from lifting incorrectly. You may not be anywhere near as "fit" as what you are.

If you have been a member of a gym for 3 years and attend on average 2 x week, that's 312 visits to the gym where you've learned something new, lifted some weights, gotten stronger, got sweaty, threw around some high fives, met some pretty cool people, showed up, put in effort & didn't give up.

That is 312 opportunities you wouldn't have had if you threw in the towel.

It's not all about the gains. The maintenance across age is pretty damn amazing too.

Don't be so hard on yourself. This stuff is for a better life, man.

Go live. Be happy.


Mandi x

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