Please welcome our new Coach on the block - Rhian Roussos!

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Please welcome our new Coach on the block - Rhian Roussos!

I met Rhian almost 6 years ago through our mutual friend, Camilla.

Cam connected Riz and I because we both loved, lived and breathed CrossFit, fitness, health and helping people do the same.

Rhian and I caught up when I would visit Cam in Sydney, she also did a couple of sessions at Contessa when she was visiting family in QLD.

We kept up to date with each other and early 2019, I asked her to be my weightlifting coach.

I knew this girl was a powerhouse. I've known her for years and had experienced her coaching and passion for empowering women too.

A little from Coach Riz..
"My entire life I’ve always felt most useful when helping others. I’ve spent the last ten years of my life honing my skills to be able to coach any person of any fitness level start or continue their training journey.

I love what I do because there is nothing quite as amazing as watching someone do something they never thought they could, or do something that scared or really challenged them.

Health and fitness isn’t just about what you do in the gym. The impact it can have on someones life and the improvements it can make in someone's self confidence flows onto everything in their lives outside of the gym. That’s so powerful.

This is why I can’t wait to work with Contessa. The work that Mandi, Candice and the team have done over the years is nothing short of amazing. I’m so honored to become apart of that."

"I started in the industry because my Sister was opening a gym and actually encouraged me to start Personal Training. I have been an empathetic person my whole life and working with people was something I have always been really comfortable with."

Rhian's experience in the industry is exceptional. Some of her recent professional achievements are;
Head programmer - Treign, an all women's fitness space in Sydney.
Creator - The Baseline Program and Podcast.
Assistant S&C Coach - The Ipswich Jets football team.

Riz, if you haven't realised by now, we are all really excited to have you on the team at CrossFit Contessa & Contessa South. Your knowledge and experience is a huge asset to our team and we can't wait to watch you grow in our community.


Bring on an amazing 2020 for us all!

Mandi xx

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