By Candice Lamb

Something we have noticed about human beings lately, especially women, is their inability to show up for themselves. 


If her friend needs help with something - she's there in a heartbeat, no questions asked. If work needs her to stay back a little later to get that job done, she'll be there. Hell, even if work DOESN’T ask, she will do it anyway, because she will NEVER let anyone down. And then we throw kids into the mix; heaven and earth will be moved to get them to after school sport, dance, french lessons, to get them their fav food they really want for dinner. 

We see these amazing women doing the above, day in day out. Yet when it comes to showing up for themselves; We get bare minimum or less than required time or effort to achieve her goals and needs.

She KNOWS she needs to move her body. She KNOWS she needs to eat well, sleep well, have good people around her, in order to achieve her goals. But she won’t make herself enough of a priority to do it.




We witnessed this firsthand not too long ago - we held a memorial workout for a situation that hit most of us really close to home. Probably a little too close. We had an EPIC turnout. We had people literally crying...sobbing, through this workout, for someone these women had never met, and didn’t know. It was incredible to be a part of and we were blown away with the effort and the support, but this day also made us ask these questions…

Why will you show up for other people, but not yourself!? Why will you put yourself in that kind of pain for someone you didn’t even know, but not for you? 

You will make sure your kids never go without things they don't truly need, yet you are going without the things YOU need to be your best. 

Why will you look after everyone else before yourself when looking after yourself is required to give others your best?

Why do your goals, needs, dreams and desires have to come second all of the time? 


These questions are not designed to make you feel crap if you've just discovered this is you.  These questions should be used to help grow into the woman that chooses to show up for her, first, so she can continue to help others. 


“Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

― Randy Pausch

Coach Candice x

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