Switch Off Sunday

Switch Off Sunday

One of the most prevalent factors I have currently noted that is affecting our members negatively is the inability to "switch off".

Right now our lives have changed.

We have gone from having a job, a social life, and a weekend to now; Working from home, training at home and only being able to have contact with immediate family or one other person at any one time.
While right now this can feel like a blessing to some, it is a very confusing time for many.

I have noticed a flow on effect and a reoccurring theme because of the above.. Our inability to switch off is greater than ever before.


We now work from home.  So instead of leaving work then coming home and being with our family, these lines have been blurred.  We are now answering calls and messages while eating dinner with our kids or partner.
This inability to separate home and work can affect more than just the time you have with family. It can disrupt your sleep, eating behaviors and training. 

All factors we require to continue to live our best lives and do our best work.
Here are a few suggestions I have made to those I Coach to help them through this time;


1. If you are working from home, set your work hours just like you would in a normal job.

Set breaks through out the day so you get up walk around, stand in the sun for 5 minutes, anything that will break your screen time.


2. Don’t take work calls or messages in your bedroom 

This is a space for relaxing, sleeping and some other stuff if your lucky. ;)  I challenge you; One day every week to switch off phones, switch off everything.

Right now we are using our devices for much more than before; Work, social, education, it really is an amazing tool but the reality is we have gone from working the 9 - 5 (as an example, I know people work different hours), coming home and being with family, to now working 7 am - 9 pm and what seems like people feeling like they can contact you 24 hours a day because of the convenience of sending a message or face timing. This has become our new norm overnight. 

3. Don’t fall into the trap of being available 24/7.

You are a social creature and a hard worker. Having set work hours, finishing work at 5:30 pm whilst working from home does not take away from how hard you are working. I have found personally by giving myself "working hours" I’m less inclined to get distracted. I am more focused on finishing the work I need to in my designated hours so I can have that down time or time with loved ones. 

I'm doing my best to enforce all these rules for myself and I would love if you joined me for a day each week to switch off..

Switch off Sunday

Your time is valuable and just because you can work 24 hours a day at home doesn’t mean you should! Boundaries are important, especially right now while we are creating new routines.

I truly hope this helps at least one person.


Thanks for reading,

Coach Riz xx

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