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Sorry.  You’re not.  I’m not going to sit here and justify why, you’re just not. So shoosh. If you have time to read this, catch up on your latest TV shows, binge-watch stories on the ‘gram and impulse buy Lorna Jane Black Friday sale, girl, you got time. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and keep reading. 12 times. Is all I ask.  I get it!  I'm a busy working Mum too! It all feels overwhelming. A little too much with the holidays/busy season upon us.  But you have to put a few things into perspective; There are 744 hours in...

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And just like that - Here we are!  The first day of the month, the beginning of Summer AND the start of Christmas! Aka: Where everyone loses their shit and gains that unwanted weight!  While we love Christmas and the chance to spend more time with our families, we often see people throwing in the towel on their health & fitness because it all just gets too much to manage with the holidays, food, parties and lack of motivation to do just about anything else!  Instead of sitting back and watching your health take the backseat, we have decided 2019...

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