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I know. I get it. You have responsibilities. ADULTING IS HARD.But.. You have a responsibility to YOURSELF too. You have a responsibility to be the best you can be, so you can give your best to those you love.However, this current trend I'm noticing needs to be addressed. Right here, right now. We give our 110% to others. Then we leave us last. So we have nothing left to give our self. I mean, this is not new. I've worked with women a long time and it is one of the most common objections as to why women want to take...

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January  This time of year, this month particularly, we often find ourselves asking;  "What do I want to achieve this year?"  "What differences can I make in my life that will allow me to progress in my training, work, relationships and health?" *If you're not asking these questions though, start now. ;) There is only one problem with these questions.. We go through the pattern of setting these goals, big or small, and then - We just hope it happens. We pray that we get there by the end of the year, often without doing more than just writing the...

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