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By Rhian Roussos  The short answer is you have to make the time, it's that simple.   My best friend right now is my calendar. I schedule everything. Even eating breakfast. This gives me a visual representation of my time and allows me to shift and manage tasks so I can make time to do all the things I need to, especially now that i'm working from home. There are far more distractions then normal, and while I do my best to stick to that schedule there are times where I get held up talking to clients, my dog, family around...

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This is your Sunday night reminder that you can handle anything this week throws at you. We are quick to criticize ourselves with where we are right now, more to the point, where we are NOT right now.  We seem to get caught up in how long we've been a member of a gym, not the many other factors that contribute to our overall health."But I should be fitter, I've been training for ages. I set a goal to be able to do a pull up, like 12 months ago and I feel no closer than I was yesterday." I'm...

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