The Contessa Holiday Guide

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The Contessa Holiday Guide

And just like that - Here we are!  The first day of the month, the beginning of Summer AND the start of Christmas! Aka: Where everyone loses their shit and gains that unwanted weight! 

While we love Christmas and the chance to spend more time with our families, we often see people throwing in the towel on their health & fitness because it all just gets too much to manage with the holidays, food, parties and lack of motivation to do just about anything else! 

Instead of sitting back and watching your health take the backseat, we have decided 2019 is the year that it’s going to be better.  You’re going to be better! No more waiting for the New Year!

We have some really achievable tips to share.  Now is the time to start forward thinking for your holidays and how you are going to make this happen.

  1. Move your body everyday - no matter what! We recommend doing this first thing in the morning before your day turns into all kinds of crazy. Yep, it means you probably need to get up before everyone else. And yep, it means you are probably going to be working out alone. But trust us, you’ll feel so much better for it!  It doesn’t have to be a crazy gym sesh, go for a walk, do some Yoga, 100 burpees in your living room, or climb a mountain. Just.Do.Something.
  2. Let’s talk parties. Just because you know you’re going to be drinking beers and eating cake on a Friday night, doesn’t mean you have to throw your whole day away.  Eat a really good breakfast (and lunch). If you know you’re going to be out for lunch and/or dinner - enjoy it! It doesn’t mean you need to eat like an asshole for the rest of the day too! Eat as you normally would for the meals when you are at home. Prioritise lean protein and veggies in these at-home meals to keep you full, and then really enjoy those meals out with family and friends! *NO GUILT!*
  3. We promise you willl get to eat fruit mince pies again. These foods aren’t going anywhere, so you probably don’t need to go back for thirds at every meal. Focus on eating slowly, eating mindfully and not scoffing it down as fast as you can! 
  4. When you have no commitments and you’re on holidays, stay consistent with your sleep and wake times. It’s very easy to slip into staying up all night and sleeping in late. That old saying ‘win the morning, win the day’ comes to mind. The more you can keep your routine as normal, the less likely it is that this will turn into a three month eating & lounging expedition! 

Christmas is one day, plus boxing day equals two. Two days out of 365. That’s LESS than 1% of your entire year. Don’t let these two days turn into two weeks, and then two months of no training and poor nutrition.


We’ve got goals to kick! 

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