What Is Health?

What Is Health?


A great place to start our mission of education through women's health week is first to discuss what health actually means and what it means to you. 

If you Google Health, the definition states; 

'the state of being free from illness or injury.'

We know, as CrossFitters, that health is WAY more than that. It is much more than purely the absence of disease, and much more than either healthy or not-healthy. We like to think of it as a continuum: sickness, wellness and fitness, with fitness being our end goal. 

Therefore health, as defined by CrossFit, has a much deeper meaning;

...'And the ability to sustain that fitness throughout your life is a defining measure of health.'

Health is Fitness. It is the ability to increase your work capacity across different tasks and time domains within the gym; it’s how we train and what we train for every day. 


Our end goal is to remain healthy and bad ass right into our 70's, 80's, 90's (and beyond!) by continuing to lift, run, pull and press. By continuing to work hard here in the gym, we are fighting off chronic disease, fending off the nursing home, maintaining our independence, carrying our groceries in one trip and living our best lives on our terms - THIS is health. 


There is a ton of information about health & fitness from The CrossFit Journal and I urge you to nerd out on it! Start with the article ‘What Is Fitness?’ (https://journal.crossfit.com/article/what-is-fitness#:~:text=They%20are%20cardiovascular%2Frespiratory%20endurance,each%20of%20these%2010%20skills.)

There is so much more to discuss, and this week we will dig deeper, but first, we want to know - What does health mean to you? 

We would love to hear your thoughts, 

Please answer in the comments.  This will help us build topics for discussion in our blogs and podcasts


Yours in Health,

Contessa Crew x

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