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Why 6 week challenges SUCK.

With summer just around the corner, our social feeds are about to be inundated with posts about why you need to join “gym abc” for a LIFE CHANGING 6 week challenge. 

While it sounds like a great idea to ‘join now and get into the best shape of your life’, we don’t run these kind of challenges here at Contessa and wanted to let you know why.. 

  • 6 WEEKS...THEN WHAT!? 

  • If your nutrition is really strict for 6 weeks, and you exercise more often than you have been YOU WILL lose weight. Duh.

     But then what? What happens when you are no longer being held accountable by this challenge? What happens when you go on holidays and make your own food choices or have a “bad day”?  

    Quick fixes and magic pills sound sexy, but they don’t work long term. Where did the majority of the last round of 6 week challengers end up? Probably back in the next challenge, looking for another round of someone holding them accountable. 


  • We don’t care how much you weigh, or how visible (or for most of us, not visible!) your abs are or whether you have a beach body. It doesn’t mean you are fit, or even healthy if you have these things. 

    Instead, we like to focus on the 5 factors of health (Ben Bergeron). By focusing our energy around this, we know that the bikini body and size 10 jeans are going to take care of itself - in time, when earned. 

      • Sleep: how much are you getting? Is it good quality? We should be getting 7-9 hours per night. This is one of the most undervalued aspects of health that will propel you forward, more than any challenge ever will!

      • Nutrition: eating wholesome foods: meat, plants, nuts and seeds in quantities that support exercise but not body fat. It’s pretty simple. 

      • Connect: who do you surround yourself with? Do they make you a better version of yourself? Deep and meaningful relationships with good people are important. 

      • Exercise: 5 x per week, high intensity, constantly varied functional movements (We tick all of these boxes, errrrday!) 

      • Think: never whine. Never complain. Never make excuses. Your mind is your MOST powerful tool. The way you think affects your health. 

  • How many challenges have you done? 

    It’s likely this isn’t your first. How shit does it feel to achieve something great then “fail” time and time again?

    To avoid this from happening, a good question to ask yourself when it comes to training and nutrition is //IS THIS SUSTAINABLE FOR A LIFETIME// If the answer isn’t a resounding YES, then don’t do it.  Because at some point, you’re going to stop and you will end up exactly where you were before, as well as feeling awful because you let yourself down, yet again. 

    So next time you see a shiny, new and exciting "life changing" 6 week challenge, rethink jumping in headfirst and ask yourself if you're playing the long game or becoming desperate for results that will only last the duration of the challenge.


    Our mission here at CrossFit Contessa is to encourage, educate and empower women from all walks of life to become the best versions of themselves, inside and out. Want to know more? Check out our website, socials or drop in and say hi! 

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