Why We Don't Feel Good Right Now

Why We Don't Feel Good Right Now

By Candice Lamb

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the last few weeks (or has it been years!?) hasn't done my mental health any favours. There is so much unknown and uncertainty in the world, and even though I am amongst the luckiest who is able to keep working (albeit a little differently at the moment) I have still really struggled. I NEED to understand things, and my reading and searching sent me right back to a theory I learnt way back in my Uni days which made all of my feelings make sense. 

Maslow's Hierachy of Needs. 


You’ve probably seen it before. It’s the (above) pyramid with levels of human needs - and he believed that you can’t move up to the next step until you have fulfilled the needs on the level before it. It starts at the bottom with ‘Physiological Needs’ which is a fancy way of saying the ‘stuff we need to survive’; food, water, shelter. The next level is ‘Safety Needs’ which is health, employment, security. The next level up is ‘Love and Belonging’ which is community. 

Once I saw this it all made sense - I’m stuck on this level! I don’t have my community available to me the same way it was before. I think as humans we crave belonging, to have our tribe, and at the moment it just isn’t possible to be around them. 

So while things are a little tough this is your weekly reminder to re-connect with your people in whatever way you can; face-time a friend, do some baking and drop it off at someones door, call your mum.


To our Contessa girls, keep showing up to our Live Classes and taking that weekly phone call from your Coach - even when you don’t feel like. Hold on to as many of those community vibes as you can because we don’t know when we will be out of this, but we do know that we will never take any of what we have for granted again. 


I want to know how you’re connecting with your people this week!  Let me know below.

Stay safe and keep washing your hands. 

Coach Candice xoxo 

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