You’re not too busy to train 12 times in December.

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You’re not too busy to train 12 times in December.

Sorry.  You’re not. 

I’m not going to sit here and justify why, you’re just not. So shoosh.

If you have time to read this, catch up on your latest TV shows, binge-watch stories on the ‘gram and impulse buy Lorna Jane Black Friday sale, girl, you got time. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and keep reading.

12 times. Is all I ask. 

I get it!  I'm a busy working Mum too!

It all feels overwhelming. A little too much with the holidays/busy season upon us.  But you have to put a few things into perspective;

  • There are 744 hours in December. 
  • To go to the gym 3 times every week, for 4 weeks = 12 HOURS.

  • Even if you physically can’t get to your gym; You’re away camping for a couple of weeks, hit up your Trainer! I bet they have 1 million and 1 workouts up their sleeve to get you through.

    Why wait until January?  

    If you’re thinking you’re going to be “all in” come Jan 1st, it’s likely you’ll end up apart of the 92% of people that start the “NEW YEAR NEW ME” and don’t see past the end of January. :(

    This kills me!

    Empowering women with health and fitness is my purpose and I can tell you right now, you choose to ride this wave into the rocks for the remaining weeks of the year, by the end of Jan 2020, you’ll be down and out and choose to “start again” another 7 times by midyear.  

    But if you start now?  

    Go into this thing with the mentality of SOME IS BETTER THAN NONE - You are going to make kicking off the New Years’ goals a whole lot more successful. 

    I’ve owned and operated a Women’s gym for 6 years.  I’ve been training women one on one, boot camps and small groups for almost 14 years. I know the difference between those who achieve their goals and those who don’t.

    Want to know what it is?!

    Stop thinking there is going to be a right time to start or start again.  There isn’t one.

    You’re going to get a cold/flu.  You’re going to have busy days/weeks and months.  You’re going to have an event where you get on the wines and guess what?  You’re going to eat some cake. 

    And that’s ok!  Life happens!

    There is no right time!

    Your success is in the small, consistent habits. Even if the “consistent” part is only 2 training sessions per week instead of 4 for the month of December, you are still 8 sessions ahead of where you could have been if you choose none.

    There is never going to be the perfect time to start.  

    Just start. And thank me later. ;) 

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