CrossFit classes are NOT the sport of CrossFit.

CrossFit classes are NOT the sport of CrossFit.

By Candice Lamb

Something we hear SO often is that women are too scared to step into their local CrossFit Box because they have seen the ‘fittest’ docos on Netflix, or the insta pages of the Tia’s, Kara’s and Sara’s of the CrossFit world and they don’t want to do that, be that/, or look like that...

Guess what? 

CrossFit Gyms are NOT the sport of CrossFit. 

Your local CrossFit Box is all about community, health and fitness - probably in that order. Our primary objective is to give you your best hour of your day. To get to know you and your family.  To laugh with you, to coach you towards better movement and better health. We do this by employing the methodology of CrossFit which is ‘constantly varied, functional movement performed at (relatively) high intensity’. 

In simpler terms - lots of different movements, which are movements that will help you in your day to day life in some way, and the way we get you to do is going to get you out of breath and a little sweaty. 

The SPORT of CrossFit does usually start here. But then it keeps going. And going. And going.. The humans that compete at this level are the VERY top echelon of the sport. They are paid, professional athletes that do this for a living.  It's like comparing your local football club with the State of Origin line-up. They perform a lot of the same movements as we do, which is why things can get a little confusing for a newbie looking from the outside, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s what we are trying to turn you into; it’s not. (Unless that’s what you want to do - then by all means, let us know!).  

What is required to be at this level is so much more than your one hour class. And to look like that is so much more than a "clean" diet..     

So; admire these athletes. Watch the documentaries and fall in love with the sport, but remember it's not what most of us are here for. We are here to be a little bit better than we were yesterday, last week, last year. We are here to learn about ourselves, to make friends and most importantly, to have fun while achieving our goals. 


Coach Candice xx