Introductory Course

The Contessa Beginners FREE 90 minute workshop is the first step to learning the foundations of CrossFit and more specifically, the foundations of CrossFit Contessa.   We will share our core values, ethos, Handbook, nutrition basics and run you through some of the fundamental movements you will see in everyday classes.

Check our Facebook page for dates and details on our next event! 

*PLEASE NOTE: If you can’t make the workshop, one on one foundation sessions are available. 
This can be at a time that suits you individually and you will be up to speed to join regular group sessions typically after one session.

Beginners Workshop: FREE!




All of our CrossFit classes are female-only sessions. *Must complete beginners program or equivalent PRIOR to starting our CrossFit group classes.

$47/week - 3 sessions per week.

$52/week - unlimited sessions.

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Our Sauna packages encourage an all round fitness & recovery program.

Infrared sauna benefits include;

– Increases Metabolism, Burns Calories and assists weight loss
– Reduces Stress And Fatigue
– Eases Arthritis, Joint Pain And Stiffness
– Improves Cardiac Health and Lowers blood pressure
– Improves the Immune System
– Relieves Muscle Pain

*For a full list of benefits from our supplier, head to their website with links to studies & articles here!

Members pricing

Single Sauna session – $35

3 Pack Sauna sessions – $99

6 Pack Sauna sessions – $180

12 Pack Sauna sessions – $330

Non-members pricing

Single Sauna session- $39

3 Pack Sauna – $105

6 Pack Sauna – $198

12 Pack Sauna – $384

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Kids only

Why should grown-ups have all the fun? Contessa Kids is for children aged 5-12, letting them work on their fitness, coordination, flexibility and athleticism in a way that’s fun and engaging. After all, it’s never too early to encourage a healthy approach to moving your body!

This program runs with the school term and fills up fast! Enquire today about our next intake.

$15/week for 1 session/week (1 child)
$25/week for 2 sessions/week (1 child)
$40/week for 2 or more children, 2 sessions a week.

Wednesday 9:20am - 30 min session (Ages 3-5)
Monday & Thursday 4:20 pm - 45 min sessions (Ages 8-13)

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Olympic Lifting





& more!

Our specialty programs run in 6 week blocks or one off workshops. Enquire today about our next course dates.

All classes at CrossFit Contessa are coached by a member of our highly qualified coaching team. If you have any questions about which type of class is right for you, or what sort of movements you may encounter in a typical session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.