Member Stories

“I can push myself to be better each day, amongst amazing women who inspire me.”

- Chloe, CrossFit Contessa Member

“It’s so much more than fitness for me. It’s my socialising, my mental health and my physical wellbeing.”

- Bronwyn, CrossFit Contessa Member.

"No matter the day we have all had we are all here for the same reason, a hour to ourselves and we're all here to support each other."

- Paula, CrossFit Contessa Member.



 "After I had my second child I said I need something for me so its my hour to myself everyday."

- Kaycee, CrossFit Contessa Member.



 "Initially my goals were weight loss but then it changed completely when I joined and became a part of the community and it's just so much more than what that was here."

- Helen, CrossFit Contessa Member.



"We are all completely different and like all different ages, skill levels and thats what I love! You don't have to compete with the girl beside you. I love that."

- Emma. CrossFit Contessa Member.


"The community is everything, everyone is family here."

- Kelsea. CrossFit Contessa Member.