Iso Community Tee
Iso Community Tee
CrossFit Contessa

Iso Community Tee

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1. (gen also) (figurative) strong


The latest Contessa Wear, the meaning, the design - It HAD to be great.

I originally wanted to get "strong" written across the front... then it occurred tnot everyone would feel comfortable wearing a shirt around others may consider a challenge.

But no other word was coming to mind. Only Strong.

To get through these strange times, we must become or continue being strong.
In the physical sense of the word and even more-so, in the emotional sense.

So I started searching for other ways to get our strength on there.

Italian! The words Contessa is from an Italian origin! (Translation of countess -- A lady in her own right.)

> The font. That was important too. I wanted to show our feminine side. Because being strong does not mean you can't be feminine. We know this.
> The full stop. There is no if's, but's or maybe's. Strong. That is it.
> The crown outline on the back of the tee signifies the "shell" of what we already are and know. But now, we have a great opportunity to create the "inner" workings of something new, together.

We get to create something new, together.

And every single one of you are helping us do that, just by being here with us.

This is more than a muscle tee. This shirt represents the strength within our community - you.

You ARE our strength.

And we are stronger together. <3

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